Friday, April 24, 2015


Well after careful consideration, a need to get messages and information out to the membership quickly and efficiently, not to mention being bored out of my mind while I’m recovering from surgery, I decided to restart the blog.
The rumors and gossip that fly around from team to team about what I said, what I agreed to, what I did, or what I want to do, along with company rumors which are just as wrong most times, also had something to do with it.
What you will read on this blog will be coming directly from me and no one else. It will be my words. It will be confirmed with at least 2 eboard members before it is posted for your reading pleasure. Oh and one other thing, as always, it will be the honest brutal truth from me to you.
Moving forward, I will try to give information that is straight forward and easily read so it is interpreted the way I intend it to be interpreted. Many times in the past, when information was passed along verbally it is misconstrued, misunderstood, or misspoken most times by accident. Now, in most cases, that information can be found here. That being said, due to SGI and the blog being open for anybody to read, I will sometimes not be as explicit as I'd like to be when putting out information. However, the message will still be very clear to the membership. As always, after each posting the membership is invited to respond to my personal email at

Joe Miller
President, Local #17