Friday, May 8, 2015


On May 13th you will be voting for the next Executive Board. Once elected, these people will be your leaders for the next 3 years. They will be counted on by the membership to get things accomplished, come up with new ideas, and make decisions in the best interest of the membership. They will represent you with respect to wages, hours and other terms and conditions of your employment.
The Executive Board must insist on fair play and justice at work and professional treatment for all Security Officers. Something I’m proud to say this current board has been doing since we were elected by a large majority in 2012.
The Executive Board will also be expected to work together as a cohesive unit with the President presiding over all matters.  
Just as important this year in particular, your Executive Board will be negotiating your next and possibly final contract. They will be your voice. 
In a day or so I will be posting highlights of what the present Executive Board accomplished, what we were a part of, what we initiated, and what we ultimately had changed for the betterment of the members.

Joe Miller

John Bradley
Vice President