Thursday, May 14, 2015


To all those who participated in the most critical election this Union has ever had.
As your elected President starting my second full term, my agenda includes a host of priorities.

As I’ve always done in the past, I will continue to work hard for plant and policy improvements that directly affect the membership each day. I promise that the best interest of the membership will be at the forefront of any agreements we make with management.


As a member in good standing, our agreements can be challenged at any membership meeting.

We want to hear your concerns, issues and challenges, but also, your well thought out suggestions, solutions, and ideas to resolve any concerns and issues.


The supreme authority and the ultimate decision makers are the members. Therefore, attending membership meetings is essential to achieving cohesiveness within our local and to attain success in the future.

Communication is essential between the executive board and the membership. If we work together and everyone is honest and up front with each other while knowing your CBA, understanding and solving issues will be easier....
I promise.

Stupidity is not the lack of knowledge but the illusion of having it.